Welcome to the site that keeps on changing. I've been deleting pages instead of keeping them as most would do with a blog. Not a big fan of the term blog and not interested in coming here to write for others in a daily, weekly, or even monthly fashion.

I may come back in the spring (2013) to type out some websites that are worth looking at or recent breakthroughs in coolness. But i'm still out on what to do with this page and it's purpose. This site has had about 15 versions so far and at this point serves only as a temporary place mat.

Being a (web) designer and producer, my time has been best spent recently helping others even if for charity, pro-bono, or to just help a friend get their act together. I promise you this; sometime this year I will allocate space here for my music, film, and web.

As for now, I am staying away from political speak as I have indulged into the many conversations that the nation has had. I'm interested still..... in the facts of the issues but not into sharing or discussing right now. Tempers are high. People are angry. And I'm looking for a space to find calm within the storm. Trust me. This will be short lived as I am very apt to give my opinion.

But for now..... take a deep breath and relax. Watch this video for 60 seconds and relax. It's a favorite break time thing to do. Try it.

Take some time out to be thankful. Each morning I wake up and kneel down in my bed, lean forward, close my eyes... and thank the universe for what I have. This is something new I've been doing. It kind of feels like a meditation. Try it. I think the whole world needs to take a break and listen to silence, be thankful for what it has, and go in peace.


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